About HawkClanEdit

HawkClan: Equlivlent to SkyClan.

Personallity: Like SkyClan's

Prey: Rodents, Lots of Birds

founding leader: Thistlestar


HawkClan lives in a territory filled with tall trees, that the HawkClan cats leap high to reach. There borders are a Thunderpath (SharpClan), a river (SwiftClan), fivetrees and tallstones.

The forest and it's five clans (RushClan, SharpClan, MossClan, SwiftClan, HawkClan.) are isolated from any other clans. They meet in true during the full moon at Fivetrees.

The Creation of the Five ClansEdit

Decended from the original four clans, five siblings had grown up listening to legends about the clans. Their names were Jay, Rain, Holly, Shade and Thistle. They were intregued by the way of the clans and once they were old enough, set out together to create their clans. They came across a place similer to the forest in the legends and decided to create their clans there. Jay, who had always been intreged by ThunderClan the most created MossClan. Rain, who had always loved water created RushClan to replace RiverClan. Shade had always been mysterious and loved the shadows, so he created SharpClan in the place of ShadowClan. Holly loved open moors and running and had always liked WindClan, so she created SwiftClan. Thistle could leap high and was satisfied to take the place of SkyClan, so he created HawkClan. The five littermates found cats like them and suited to live in the territories they have claimed. They were given nine lives by their deceased rogue parents and friends and began to lead there clans. This began the time of the five clans...

Owned byEdit

This clan is owned by Frozenfern. If you would like to join this clan, leave a message on the talkpage or on my Talkpage.


  • Any pelt colour allowed, but normal is prefered.
  • Medicine cats, leaders and deputes can have mates and kits.
  • MCA and Apprentices can have mates and kits.

If I think of more rules I'll add them. If you have any rules to suggest, let me know on the talk page.



Thistlestar: brown tom with blue eyes and black stripes. Roleplay by Frozenfern.


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